Experience excellence with integrating Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), which combines Smart Technology and AI from a team of experts for over 25 years.

to enhance AMR's solutions to meet higher efficiency requirements.

Smart Technology & AIoT

AMR has been developing solutions and engaging in the Smart Technology business for over 25 years, including information systems, communication systems, power systems, and remote control systems. Examples include closed-circuit television systems for traffic control and urban security monitoring, covering large areas and buildings. They also involve flood management systems for river basins and urban areas, wastewater treatment management systems, primary communication systems, communication systems for natural gas pipelines, and automatic substation management systems etc. AMR has embarked on advancing various systems by integrating Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), which combines Smart Technology and AI, to enhance AMR's solutions to meet higher efficiency requirements. By leveraging AIoT systems and automated robotics, AMR has increased its application scope.


Smart Building Management System: BMS

AMR has over 25 years of experience and a proven track record in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. It has further innovated this SCADA system to become a Building Management System (BMS), which is a system that monitors and controls subsystems within buildings and manages them from a centralized control center for maximum efficiency. These subsystems include security and access control systems, HVAC systems, lighting systems, elevator systems, escalator systems, water pump systems, fire suppression systems, closed-circuit television systems, parking lot systems, and electric charging systems for electric vehicles, etc. The BMS enhances building management in various dimensions, including energy conservation, workforce optimization, convenience, safety, and maintenance.

Smart Building Management Solution
Smart Energy Solution
Smart Security Solution


Smart Warehouse

AMR, an expert in SCADA and Automation systems, has expanded its business by applying solutions in warehouse management to Digital Twin technology. This advancement elevates traditional warehouse management to smart warehouse management, enhancing operational efficiency with modern technology. It reduces costs in many ways, including management and staffing costs, error reduction, operation time, central space utilization, and energy consumption, by utilizing new technologies. Additionally, it promotes the use of clean energy by replacing oil with electricity. This smart warehouse management system ensures that businesses derive maximum benefits in the future.

Smart Warehouse Solution
Smart Robotic Solution for Warehouse


Water Management System

AMR has been engaged in the management of SCADA systems for water management projects, including the collecting and analysis of large-scale water data in Bangkok and Thailand for over 25 years. AMR has advanced these technologies by integrating AIoT and Digital Twin technology, creating new innovations that comprehensively enhance and improve water resource management efficiency. These advancements enable more accurate predictions and commands, as well as enhance data storage and utilization for more informed decision-making processes using multidimensional data. This initiative requires continuous government action and expansion to cover Thailand because water management is crucial infrastructure for both the country and cities.

Smart Flood Management Solution
Smart Wastewater Management Solution
Smart Raw Water Management Solution
SCADA for Water Management – Rabby Software Solution
Water Level Measuring Unit


Electrical Management System

AMR has upgraded traditional substation management systems to automated systems using SCADA, which can remotely control the operations of substations according to the objectives of the power utility. There are plans to upgrade over 700 substations nationwide to manage power distribution, human resources allocation, and resource utilization efficiently. Data storage and utilization for improved management and decision-making efficiency using comprehensive data analysis are priorities. These substations are critical infrastructure for the country and important for urban areas.

Smart Automation Substation Solution
Smart SCADA for Metro Railway Solution


Smart Security Solution

AMR has over 25 years of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems for continuous security surveillance in public areas. They have applied Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technology in image processing and Digital Twin technology to support real-time traffic monitoring, security surveillance, and alerting, ensuring more efficient protection of assets and personnel.

Smart CCTV for City Surveillance
Smart CCTV for Building Security
Smart CCTV for Traffic Management

Infrastructure and Green Transportation

Solutions for infrastructure and green transportation are systems in which AMR has continuous experience and innovation. We firmly believe that these projects remain fundamental infrastructure of the country that must be consistently maintained.


Green Transportation Solution

AMR is a leading Thai company specializing in the design, installation, and commissioning of urban rail systems in Thailand on a turnkey project. This includes large-scale Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) systems, single-track light rail transit (Monorail) systems, APM systems, and maintenance of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems. We also handle the design and installation of communication and signaling systems for double-track railway transportation between cities. These large-scale mass transportation projects must adhere to international standards in transportation systems such as RAMS, Rotakin, and EMC.

Turnkey Metro Railway Solution
Turnkey Bus Solution
SCADA System
Communication and Passenger Information System
Power Supply System for Railway
Platform Screen Door System
Automatic Fair Collection System


Electrical Distribution Solution

AMR operates infrastructure development for network expansion and enhances the efficiency of the electricity distribution system, focusing on elevating the performance and stability of the electricity distribution network for urban areas.

Automated Substation
Underground Cable Installation


Network Communication Solution

For over 25 years, AMR has been deploying the main communication infrastructure network, which serves as the backbone of the country. This is aimed at enhancing stability for large organizations and the nation, coupled with data management applications using Digital Twin technology to elevate operational efficiency for future operators.

Optical Fiber Network
Backbone Communication

Renewable Energy & Green Environment

AMR operates businesses providing solutions in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and waste management, covering environmental conservation and sustainable reduction of carbon emissions.


Solar Cell and Smart EZ Application

AMR provides design, installation, and development services for monitoring and displaying electricity usage from Solar Cells under the 'Smart EZ' application, which is user-friendly and integrates various system controls within a single app.

Solar Rooftop
Smart EZ Application


MaCharge Platform

Delivering products and services through a modern platform under the brand 'MaCharge,' such as EV Chargers (AC/DC), battery swapping stations, and user-friendly applications, to drive sustainable transportation innovations.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger: AC type: Normal charger and DC type: Fast charger
Battery Swapping Station for EV Bike
Smart EZ Application


Plastic Recycling, RDF and Bio Waste from Public Waste Management

AMR has studied and implemented comprehensive community waste management by constructing and designing systems for separating plastic and organic waste. This allows plastic waste to be recycled and/or partially separated into energy fuel for industrial plants and waste-to-energy power plants. Additionally, the separation of organic waste into organic materials for farming helps reduce the amount of community waste that needs to be landfilled each day significantly. Moreover, by sorting plastic waste from landfills for recycling and energy fuel production, it addresses the issue of urban waste overflow from new waste and reduces the volume of waste from landfills in the future. This positively impacts the environment at the national level.

Waste Sorting Machine
Automated Platform & System Control Solution
Waste Sorting Management, Operation & Maintenance Services