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Operates in the field of engineering, designing, developing, installing, and distributing (Total System Integration solutions) and focuses on creating Eco-Connect Innovations by pioneering the use of smart technology (Smart ICT & AIoT) to enhance the management capabilities of both public and private sectors

Smart Technology & AIoT

AMR has been conducting business in turnkey solutions for over 25 years, providing technology solutions, information systems, communication electrical systems, and remote control systems. This extensive experience has established AMR as a longstanding player in smart technology. Consequently, AMR is capable of advancing future technologies in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT) to upgrade various systems used by current organizations. This includes enhancing management efficiency, resource utilization, and providing tailored solutions without limitations. Additionally, AMR is equipped with a proficient service team, knowledgeable in swift maintenance and responsive to immediate needs.

Infrastructure & Green Transportation

Building upon its expertise in Smart Technology, AMR has leveraged its knowledge in the design, installation, and maintenance of Green Transportation infrastructure projects. These projects include major transportation systems nationwide, such as the mainline rail transit systems in Bangkok, comprising over 4 lines, as well as the communication and signaling systems for the dual-track railway projects spanning over 500 kilometers throughout Thailand, and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Bangkok. Drawing from its experience and past successes, AMR has expanded its scope to accommodate national infrastructure projects, focusing on advancing businesses that utilize Smart Technology and AIoT expertise.

Renewable Energy & Green Environment

In the renewable energy sector, AMR engages in projects such as contracting and managing solar power generation projects using solar cells and continuous sales of electric vehicle and electric bike charging solutions, emphasizing sustainable energy usage and generating revenue through project sales or long-term service contracts. AMR began studying and aiming to expand its environmental conservation business to address urban waste management issues. This involves developing systems and processes based on AIoT knowledge, mechanical engineering, and management expertise, in collaboration with experienced partners contracted to handle community waste separation and management effectively.

Subsidiaries and Associates

AS Macharge Co., Ltd.
Operating in the e-bike rental and battery swapping station business
U Element Co., Ltd.
Operating in the procurement and distribution of raw water to industrial factories

Our Customers

Urban Transportation
Backbone Communication
Computer Network
Cloud Computing
Clean Energy & Underground Power Cable