The Company conducts business with social and community responsibilities, prioritizes the principles of human rights, labor rights, safety in life and property, promotes health by creating a good working environment, and continuously improves the knowledge, abilities, and expertise of personnel to improve the quality of life for all stakeholders.

Staff and Labor

Respect for Human Rights

Respecting human rights is a fundamental principle in the Company's business operations. Both management and employees are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity, regardless of race, nationality, religion, language, skin color, gender, age, education, physical condition, or social status. In the hiring process, the Company has a policy of selecting employees through a transparent and impartial selection committee to ensure fairness and avoid bias or discrimination.

Fair Treatment to Employees

  • The Company maintains a consistent and fair hiring and termination process, including setting conditions of employment, determining compensation, and evaluating performance fairly and impartially.
  • In term of promoting employee development, the Company provides full support for training and development. This includes both technical (hard skills) and non-technical topics (soft skills).
  • Fair compensation practices in accordance with relevant laws.
  • Announced the latest employee handbook
  • Committed to ensuring that employees can work safely and enjoy good health in the workplace.
  • The Company ensures continuous communication of information and updates to keep employees informed about both internal and external activities.
  • Provide the opportunity for employees to give comments on the QR code.

Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment

The Company operates in line with safety and occupational health practices that align with its safety policy, focusing on managing operations according to relevant laws and standards.

In addition to complying with legal requirements, the company regularly promotes awareness and knowledge of safety and health among employees. For example, providing education on safe driving and checking vehicle conditions before the rainy season, knowledge and self-protection from infectious diseases like COVID-19, heatstroke prevention, and proper precautions during periods of increased PM 2.5 dust pollution.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is considerably important in today’s increasingly competitive business operations. The selection of quality products and services, as well as research and development of product and service, are factors fostering the Company’s competitive advantage. Maintaining current customers’ satisfaction with goods and services, responding to needs, and creating good experience will encourage repurchasing of service. The Company, therefore, requires quality monitoring during the project operation and continuously reporting the results for risk management and reduction of negative impacts in the work process. Moreover, it is determined to conduct a customer satisfaction survey within 15 working days after delivering the project to assess the quality of service and listen to problems and/or feedback from customers. This will be useful for the development of products and services of the Company, as well as an approach for business expansion or new customer creation, understanding and planning to deal with market changes, and effective response to customer needs.

In 2023, the Company achieved the satisfaction assessment criteria with the customer satisfaction survey results

For Project Management
For Maintenance Work

Participation in Development of Community and Society

Recognizing the importance of community and societal development, the company has a strategy to conduct business not solely for its own benefit or profit, but also with a sense of responsibility and sustainable involvement in community and social development. It incorporates social responsibility into business management and emphasizes participation by promoting various activities to foster positive relationships between the company and the community. This approach aims to contribute to the enhancement of community and societal well-being and quality of life.

Project Activities
Community Sharing Activities
  • The Company conducted a merit-making ceremony, donating three golden pagodas, hanging-style, to the temple of Wat Khao Phrik Phanaram, Huai Phai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province, to support the ongoing religious activities for the people in the community.
  • The company donated 122 desk calendars to the Environmental Office, Chatuchak District, to collect and pass on to the Thai Blind Foundation to transform into Braille learning materials.
  • The Company promotes and encourages employees to participate in blood donation drives organized by the Thai Red Cross Society. These drives are organized by the building management team of the Rama 9 branch office.
  • The Company has actively engaged with the surrounding community by organizing aerobic activities and promoting them to employees and the local community to join every Wednesday. Additionally, food waste is collected and converted into fertilizer distributed to both the surrounding community and employees.
  • The Company recognizes the importance of youth health. During the early part of 2022, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the company donated 400 antigen test kits to Tepsirin School in Nonthaburi.
Education Cooperation
  • The project to accept internship students in the workplace which is carried out annually to develop learning and gain experience. This will increase the skills for students to specialize in the things they are interested in from the actual work practices in the workplace. It is also in response to the government policy that focuses on providing new graduate programs in both public and private institutions.
  • The "Craftsman Sculpture Project" is a program that provides scholarships to students who are dedicated to pursuing further education in the field of vocational education, specializing in the advanced vocational certificate level (vocational certificate). The scholarship is awarded to students in the field of Technical Control and Maintenance of Rail Transport Systems, Department of Rail Transport, Chonburi Technical College. There are 15 scholarships available throughout the academic year, and students also have the opportunity to participate in an apprenticeship program for a period of 1 academic year. This initiative aims to develop human resources to meet the needs of the country's rail transport industry, under the collaboration for the management of the production network and the development of vocational education capacity. This collaboration involves the Technical Control and Maintenance of Rail Transport Systems program, in conjunction with the Vocational Education Commission Office.