AMR Asia Public Company Limited (AMR) was established on September 13, 1999 with a registered capital of 1 million Baht. The Company operates in the field of engineering design, installation, and integration of turnkey systems (SI), including IT solutions, large-scale communication systems, smart remote control systems, and power systems. These projects primarily involve large-scale infrastructure projects for the country, cities, large buildings, industrial factories, as well as public transportation and railway systems. Additionally, the Company provides maintenance and repair services for various systems with a team of engineers and specialists ready to design, procure, and install integrated high-tech systems, known as One-Stop Service, which is widely recognized by government agencies, state enterprises, and large private sector entities both domestically and internationally.

The Company has been recognized for its continuous contributions for over 25 years


Be a leader in engineering services and system integration (SI) in transportation technology, renewable energy, smart city, and environment in south east asia by 2035


  • Provide turnkey engineering and system integration services along with after-sales and maintenance service for comprehensive systems including transportation and related systems, large-scale communication systems and ICT, electrical systems and power management, renewable energy generation and distribution systems, energy conservation, smart city and environmental solutions, smart building management systems, and remote control systems, both domestically and aboard under universal standards.
  • Provide transportation services for mass transit, goods delivery, and tourism.
  • Provide renewable energy generation and distribution services and utility services that in line with government policies to improve the use of green energy for power generation and the use of electrical energy in transportation, cities, and environment preservation.
  • Conduct business ethically in accordance with good governance principle, with accountability to community, society, and environment to deliver good returns to stakeholders.

Company Milestones


Received an accolade and recognition plaque in honor of the business's contributions in the signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation for the production and development of electric vehicle workforce skills. Also participated in the joint government and private sector committee meeting for the production and development of workforce skills in the electric vehicle industry network at the Center of Excellence in Vocational Education, Mechanical Technology Branch, Chonburi Technical College.


MaCharge platform participated in the Bangkok EV Expo 2023, showcasing its services for businesses to manage data on electric motorcycle usage, batteries, and battery swapping stations.


Signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for solar energy (solar rooftop) with Phraharuthai School chain, totaling approximately 2 megawatts with a contract duration of 20 years. The agreement has been successfully completed, with all three schools, namely Phraharuthai Convent Schools, Phraharuthai Don Mueang School, and Phraharuthai Nonthaburi School.


Joined in supporting the 'Don't Drink and Drive, Songkran 66' campaign by donating over 5,000 breathalyzer tubes to support the police in Region 2.


Invested in purchasing common shares of U Element Co., Ltd. (UE) for up to 980,000 shares at a price of 124 baht per share (par value of 100 Baht per share), not exceed 121.52 million Baht or up to 49.00% of the registered capital paid-up, for the purpose of supplying raw water to industrial factories in the EEC.


Established a joint venture company, AS MaCharge Co., Ltd., in collaboration with SUSCO Beyond Co., Ltd., to operate electric motorcycle rental services with battery swapping stations.


Started operating electric EV bike rental services with battery swapping stations on Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province, through the joint venture company, AS MaCharge, with a fleet of 40 electric motorcycles and 9 battery swapping stations.

Signed a memorandum of understanding with Panova Co., Ltd., to study and invest in businesses related to community waste management projects in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. In the initial phase, the company has distributed machinery for waste sorting to Panova, capable of sorting up to 1,200 tons of waste per day, with a total value exceeding 125 million Baht.


Participated in the 'ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week' at the Sirikit National Convention Center and unveiled the new products MaCharge AC and DC Charger, which are electric vehicle charging stations, along with showcasing many other products such as MaCharge battery swapping stations, energy management systems, and SmartEZ app.


AS MaCharge, a JV company, is a provider of electric motorcycle rental services with battery swapping stations on Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province, accredited with the Sustainable Tourism Acceleration Rating (STAR) at the 5-star level, under the criteria of 'Elevating Entrepreneurs to Sustainable Tourism Standards'.

Participated in the 'NOVA BUILD EXPO 2023' showcasing the Building Management System (BMS), an intelligent building management system that integrates AI, IoT, BIM, CMMS and Digital Twin technologies to enhance efficiency in building management and maintenance, catering to the needs of the building management market.


Signed a memorandum of understanding for business development collaboration, leveraging robotics cleaning and services to enhance innovation efficiency in digitally smart technology applications, targeting large buildings, factories, and warehouses, in partnership with BOTLINK Company Limited.


the Company signed an employment contract for the extension of the Green Line Electric Train, which involved changing the cable system to an underground cable system.


the Company secured a contract worth 13.2 million Baht for the installation of underground pipes and laying fiber cable on the Satun - Hat Yai route, covering a distance of 202 kilometers.


the Company signed another employment contract worth 216 million Baht for the extension of the Green Line train, which involved changing the cable system to an underground cable system.


the Company entered into an employment contract with King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) for the development of three battery switching stations and nine kiosks.

the Company granted educational funds for students who are committed to continue their study in vocational courses at the level of a high vocational certificate (High Voc. Cert.) in the field of rail way transportation system control and maintenance techniques for 15 scholarships under the project "Pan Chang Sang Chart (Mechanic for the Nation).


the Company also signed a cooperation agreement with AJ Advance Technology Public Company Limited (AJA) to study and develop the "MaCharge Platform" for electric motorcycles (EV Bike)


the company was approved to proceed with the repurchase of shares with a maximum amount of 50 million Baht, which is a number of shares not exceeding 10 million shares or approximately 1.67% of the to tal number of shares sold.


a contract was signed to hire personnel for the underground power line system replacement and extension project for the Purple Line railway, valued at 351 million Baht.

a memorandum of understanding was signed with Eastern Pro Water Supply Co., Ltd. (EPW) to distribute raw water to industrial factories in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development zone.

a memorandum of understanding was signed with TerraWatt Group Co., Ltd. (TSP), in which the company owns a 75% stake, to produce and distribute electricity.


a contract was signed for the first phase of the power station control and protection system enhancement project, under the 2565 investment budget (additional), item 2 (Group 2) of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) to hire contractors to improve the efficiency of the control and protection systems of the power station, valued at 87 million Baht.

Signed the cooperation agreement with Prince of Songkla University, Patong Municipality, PZent Technology Co., Ltd., and Health Charter of Thai Association for Town Planning to develop Phuket into a smart green city for tourism and green transportation.

Conversion into the public limited company and name change to AMR Asia Public Company Limited

Conversion of par value of share from Baht 100 per share to Baht 0.50 per share

Increase of the registered capital by Baht 75 million from Baht 225 million to Baht 300 million by issuing 150,000,000 ordinary shares for capital increase at a par value of Baht 0.50 per share and approving the allocation of shares for initial public offering for a maximum of 150,000,000 shares at a par value of Baht 0.50 per share.

On 2 August 2021, started trading on the Thailand Stock Exchange for the first time

Signed a memorandum of understanding in “Production and Development of Personnel, and Research and Development of Innovative Technology on Rail System to support Rail Industry” to promote cooperation between 7 alliances, totaling 72 agencies, in supporting, promoting, and sharing resources for benefit of rail system development.

Was selected by the FTSE SET Index to be calculated in the MicroCap Group, an international securities index, effective from 17 December 2021.

Secured an employment contract for the project to change the aerial cable system to an underground cable for the Green Line Train on Sukhumvit Road (Soi Sukhumvit 81 – Soi Bearing), Section 1 (civil and electrical work)

Launched an electric motorcycle battery switching stations for supporting the EGAT Carbon Neutrality policy to reduce air pollution and PM 2.5 emissions from the transport sector.

Collaborated with RATCH Group Public Company Limited to develop business in the rail system, in response to the state policy to develop mass rapid transit and related industries in Thailand.

Signed the cooperation agreement with ITSEC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to further develop cyber security business in Thailand to its growth and stability to universal standards.

Signed the cooperation agreement with Maejo University to develop new innovations and knowledge for the agricultural sector and digital society.

Signed the cooperation agreement with Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association and Choknamchai Hi-Tech Pressing Co., Ltd. in the development of feeder line system project, and encouraged Thai Team to develop the Thai Rail System for Thai people.

Increase registered capital from Baht 100 million to Baht 225 million by right offering.

Awarded the contract for design and installation of the SCADA, power rail, and building service for Pink Line and Yellow Line Monorails.

Was the first Thai company to implement the design, installation, and management of the entire system of Bangkok Gold Line (Krung Thonburi Station – Klong San Station) Phase 1 which is the first driverless train Automated People mover (APM) in Thailand.

Jointly invested with the Regional Transit Cooperation Co., Ltd. with 10% shareholding to develop the business of secondary public transport services (Feeder Line) which are connected to the main transport system in Nonthaburi and Chiang Mai Province.

Developed the digital route map system (DRMS) and exhibited at the InnoTrans, International Trade Fair for Transport Technology in Berlin, Germany and currently being used in the Bangkok BRT.

Increased the registered capital from Baht 50 million to Baht 100 million by rights offering.

Certified to ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Designed and installed the E&M system for Green Line Project, 9 stations of Southern Extension (Bearing Station - Kheha Station), and 16 stations of North Extension (Mochit Station - Khu Khot Station), as well as for 2 depot workshop facilities (operating under Consortium)

Increased the registered capital from Baht 1 million to Baht 50 million by rights offering.

Developed the flood monitoring and prediction system for the Chao Phraya River basin for the Department of Irrigation as well as the water management system for Bangkok Metropolitan.

Was the first Thai company implementing communication and electrical network design and installation for 27 stations of the Green Line, and signalling system replacement for 24 trains.

Implemented the first project of backbone network design and installation for 42 train stations of the State Railways of Thailand.

Develop the legal database retrieval and service system for the Office of the Council of State.

Formed the research and development team to develop 20,000 TOU automated electricity meters for the Metropolitan Electricity Authority.

Founded its businesses. The first office was located in Plathong Karat Building on Ratchadaphisek Road and started the operation of design engineering and system integration (SI).