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Software Services

We designs and develops applications to meet the unique requirements of businesses. Our turnkey software development services help resolve business complexities and are also scalable to match future business growth.

We has the experience of managing custom software development projects in a variety of platforms, including commercial platforms such as Microsoft’s .NET platform, IBM’s JAVA platform, and non-commercial platforms such as open source and freeware platforms.

Our range of software development services includes:

 -  Professional Software Engineering Services

 -  Information Technology

Professional Software Engineering Services

Turnkey Software Development Service
Full-scale software development services including requirement analysis, system design, technical specification, development, entire testing spectrum such as functional module , integration, regression, etc., documentation, user training, and maintenance.  We are able to help your organization incorporate with various software technologies and IT strategies.

Professional Software Maintenance Services
Our maintenance services are able to address all your software maintenance requirements and effectively meet your business objectives.  We can enable your existing software application to meet your business requirements in a more effective manner and cost-effective.

Information Technology

Enterprise Portal Solutions
With Enterprise Portal you can deliver a unified,  personalized and collaborative experience for all users that streamline your business and improve user experiences and operational efficiency.  Enterprise Portal provides you with a single point of interaction for applications and contents, a customized and personalized view based on role, single sign-on to all of those applications, collaborative capabilities, automation of your workflow, the sharing of content and documents, and self-service capabilities for all users.

Document Management Solutions
With Document Management you can connects people, processes, and ideas. Collaborate, securely store all your critical documents, address compliance challenges, and focus on providing a simple solution that works for your business. The system will also provide you with a powerful but easy to use mechanism to control who accesses which documents, whether they are allowed to view or edit the documents and whether the documents may be emailed or faxed out of the document repository. The system will also provide your organization with access to your documents via familiar interfaces, be they web-based or from within common office productivity applications.

Business Process Solutions
Business Process delivers a unique integration framework and also the well-designed modules that simplify integration of business processes by leveraging existing IT assets as reusable services, but without the complexities associated with traditional integration methodologies.  Business flexibility is achieved through reformable model, automating, and integrating key business processes and managing the performance of these processes.