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Mass Transit Systems
Our integrated systems provide high level control at the stations and on the vehicles. This is a major factor in providing safety for passengers, as well as reliability for efficient operations.
Cloud Computing
On-demand service for protecting sensitive data, meeting compliance requirements, and providing unparalleled control over data stored in both enterprise datacenters and clouds.
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Electricity Grid
AMR Asia facilitates migration to Smart Grids by integrating SCADA systems and substation automation, distribution automation, energy management systems, wireless mesh networks, and other technologies.
Flood forecasting applications have been adapted to show real-time data on road-flood events and drain blockages, as well as monitering and controlling canals, reservoirs, and groundwater.
Surveillance, Traffic Control
Creates sophisticated CCTV configurations, integrated surveillance solutions and the infrastructure of communications for seamless functionality which is currently being utilized by government and other sectors with stringent safety and security requirements.
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Home Automation
PZent brings the cutting edge technology to the market in both of government and private sectors. We have highy experienced staffs for smart home automation with the concept of "Smart Life for Smart Living" and professional wireless presentation System.


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